Pre-K Plus ~ kindergarten readiness in Spencerport

The academic success of children in later years depends heavily upon their kindergarten readiness.  The JLU Pre-K Plus program readies children for kindergarten by while giving them the best possible start to life.

Pre-K Plus students can attend full-day, or from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at a discounted rate!

JLU Child Care families are investing in their children’s early childhood experience. Research shows this is an investment that will yield great academic results.  Our students benefit from extended classroom learning time, structured classrooms, loving teachers and planned assessments meeting NYS Pre-K standards.  

Pre-K Plus vs. other traditional half-day programs

Time is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, especially when it comes to laying an academic foundation that will serve for a lifetime.  While some centers provide a diluted 2.5 hour learning experience, JLU uses all the benefits of a full day immersion in learning to deliver an enhanced program – that’s Pre-K Plus!

Our students receive experiential learning and high energy instruction that challenges and encourage achievement. JLU teachers are teammates in education and work closely with your family by providing timely feedback on a student’s social, emotional and academic growth.

The Pre-K Plus curriculum includes developing Christian character that will serve each child well beyond kindergarten. JLU students are encouraged to love their classmates, honor their teachers and strive to make good choices.

Faith formation is the highest calling of our center.  Students are introduced to God’s word and given opportunities to explore how God speaks to each of us.  JLU teachers serve a dual role as academic instructors and faith mentors.

Our students experience community because they are well known by a team of teachers and support staff. JLU brings its families together often to celebrate holidays, to recognize student accomplishments and to give families opportunities to learn and grow together.

"We have been nothing but thrilled with everything JLU Child Care has offered us, and our son.  He now leaves with a wonderful faith foundation that we will be forever grateful for, prepared for kindergarten and ready to conquer the world!" - JLU Pre-K parent

Children have quiet time daily and may sleep or rest quietly on individual mats. Parents are responsible for providing the following items for preschool children in care:

§  1 extra set of clothing
§  Crib sheet & blanket for rest mat


Each Pre-K classroom has a maximum of 16 children in the room, with a teacher to student ratio of 1:8.


Care is offiered each day for school age students in the 20-21 school year while hybrid learning is offered in the Spencerport CSD. 

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