Love to learn.  Learn to love.

JLU students love to learn.  Our program provides a nurturing, developmentally-appropriate learning environment that recognizes individual strengths and interests.  Children in all classrooms learn through exploration, encouraging creativity, and most importantly through play.


JLU students learn to love.  Not only does the JLU program inspire your child to learn but our emphasis on Christian character and values encourage students to understand how loved and special they are, to love their classmates, honor their teachers and strive to make good choices.  This Christ-centered focus makes the JLU educational curriculum unique in the Rochester area.

Curriculum Based Early Childhood Program

The JLU curriculum meets and exceeds NY state early education standards.  Using her strong educational background and experience in early childhood education, the center director develops and continuously monitors the curriculum for classrooms at JLU program.  The director has successfully woven together age appropriate developmental goals, academic goals and faith fundamentals into a fun and engaging curriculum.


Each classroom has a general schedule that is followed throughout the day to address academic needs as well as the health and nutrition needs of the students in our care.  We believe in the importance of structured activities mixed with directed play throughout the day enhances the education of our students.  Our students thrive on the classroom routines that are in place daily at JLU.

Educated and experienced teachers

JLU Child Care carefully screens and interviews teachers to ensure that they meet our high educational standards as well as have a heart and love for children.  Our educators regularly participate in advanced training sessions and professional development to ensure that they are always up-to-date with fresh ideas and sound teaching principles.  We're proud of our staff members and all that they do.


 Classroom teachers write their own lesson plans each week based on a theme and the curriculum components and they are sent home with students weekly.  Infant and toddler developmental progress is monitored by teachers and documented for the parents’ information.  Preschool and Pre-K students have portfolios that are shared with parents at February conferences and sent home in June so parents can see how much their child has learned!

High Tech Security System

We take the safety of our students very seriously which is demonstrated through our bio-metric clock-in system at each entrance.  All staff, parents, and authorized pick-up personnel must scan their fingerprint into our system to gain access into the building. Visitors to our center must sign in and be escorted through the center with a staff member.


Our teachers will not release any child into the care of someone not on your child’s authorized pick up list unless you have provided written permission to do so ahead of time.

Food Allergy Friendly

All products used in our center are peanut and tree nut free.  Our kitchen staff take all necessary precautions to meet the needs of our students with food allergies.  Students with allergies will either be offered a substitute meal, or parents may provide meal components if necessary. 


Each classroom is equipped with ingredient information for each of our food products in order to equip our teachers with the knowledge needed to provide the best care possible for the children in their classroom.

Large indoor gross motor room

Our students benefit from having a large indoor gross motor room available to them throughout the day.  This space is designed to allow the JLU teachers to work with students developmental goals, play structured games and work on balance and coordination all while having a fun playing!  


Our professionally equipped indoor play space makes JLU an ideal program for your child as they will still be able to play and exercise even throughout our cold winter months.

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